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We define Forces and Moments more Precisely than anyone else and always make your Solutions a bit more PRECISE, SAFER and MORE RELIABLE!

Series K - Configure your force transducer in just one minute!

You want to order a GTM force transducer series K? Just use our new configurator to do this! The simple guided step-by-step process saves you a lot of time and work and shows you in only five steps what we mean by "easy-to-order".

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Rethink your force measurement application completely!

Outstanding DAQ performance for test bench applications and industrial quality and process control at the highest level - with sensor-near EtherCAT® interface and all from a single source: The new innovative, ultra-compact, single-channel in-line measuring amplifier ILA perfects GTM's precision force measurement chain.

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Metrological Standard Machines

We supply our metrological standard machines to National Metrology Institutes (NMIs), calibration laboratories and to manufacturers of force and torque transducers. GTM can supply turnkey metrological  standard machines of the highest standard worldwide, with a proven track record of extreme reliability and success. The complete metrological solution from a single source - from sensor to standard machines 

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You can always rely on us! We are your competent, trustworthy and first point of contact when it comes to manufacturer-independent calibration of forces, moments and voltage ratios, traceability of your transducers and further development of metrological calibration procedures.

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Mechanical Testing of Materials

In the early stages of new product development, the right choice of materials is often the decisive advantage on the road to market success. Test methods for materials testing to determine material properties are a decisive factor in this process. Find out why you can trust GTM products, solutions and know-how.


Testing of Components & Structures

Component testing is an indispensable step on the way to a long product life cycle and ensures significant cost savings, for example, through intelligent test cycles under conditions that are as close to reality as possible. Force transducers, torque sensors and multi-component transducers from GTM also provide precise and reliable measurement results in component testing.


Industrial Quality & Process Control

High-quality and optimally coordinated measurement technology from GTM ensures error-free processes and products already in the production process and has a significant value-adding influence.  From force transducers to complete force measurement chains, GTM offers central core components for quality and process control that meet all requirements for precision, reliability and cost-effectiveness.


What Drives GTM, Vision

The absolute pursuit of precision and innovation drives us. In the beginning there was one customer, today there are thousands worldwide. Founded in 1988, we set standards in our special field, the measurement of forces and moments, from the very beginning. In our standard products, special designs and services, we always work at the highest level. This is how we set the standards when it comes to measurement technology. We make the world a better place because we are instrumental in ensuring that a NEWTON is a NEWTON everywhere in the world.

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Save the Date | GTM presents its entire product and service portfolio live at the SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg.

Mark your calendar for 11 to 13 June 2024, because GTM will be back in full force at the SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg.

Immerse yourself in the world of…

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