GTM Measuring Transducers are used almost Universally - whether for Materials and Component Testing or for Industrial Quality and Process Control.

Mechanisches Testen von Materialien & Werkstoffen

Mechanical Testing
of Materials

In the early stages of new product development, the right choice of materials is often the decisive advantage on the road to market success. Test methods for materials testing to determine material properties are a decisive factor in this process. Find out why you can trust GTM products, solutions and know-how.

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Testen von Bauteilen und Strukturen

Testing of Components &

Component testing is an indispensable step on the way to a long product life cycle and ensures significant cost savings, for example, through intelligent test cycles under conditions that are as close to reality as possible. Force transducers, torque sensors and multi-component transducers from GTM also provide precise and reliable measurement results in component testing.

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Industrielle Qualitäts- & Prozesskontrolle

Industrial Quality &
Process Control

High-quality and optimally coordinated measurement technology from GTM ensures error-free processes and products already in the production process and has a significant value-adding influence. From force transducers to complete force measurement chains, GTM offers central core components for quality and process control that meet all requirements for precision, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

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