Professional Calibration of Force Transducers, Torque Transducers, Multi-axis Transducers and Voltage Ratio of Strain Gauge Measuring Amplifiers

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Force Transducers [N]

Force measurement technology, force transducers, load cells and force transfer standards from GTM define standards when it comes to the correct measurement of forces of all sizes. Force transducers from GTM are considered the benchmark for precision and technology.


Torque Transducers [N·m]

We are your partner for high precision non-rotating torque measurement. Based on our many years of experience in strain gauge-based force measurement, we have developed high-precision torque transducers for non-rotating torque measurement, which are especially optimized for demanding metrological and industrial test bench applications.


Multi-Axis Transducers [N] + [N·m]

GTM is your first address when it comes to reliable and innovative industrial multi-component measurement technology, whether standardized and application-optimized multi-axis sensors, multi-component measurement platforms, tire uniformity and torsion testing machines or wheel load sensors for the automotive industry.


Strain Gauge Amplifiers [mV/V]

To match the force transducers, torque transducers and multi-component transducers, GTM also offers the appropriate strain gauge measurement amplifiers for high-precision use for measurement data acquisition from 10 to 100 ppm.

Ihr Kalibrierlabor des Vertrauens, dank vollständiger  Kompetenzbestätigung gemäß DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 und Best-in-Class-Erfahrung

 Your trusted calibration laboratory, thanks to full confirmation of competence according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and Best-in-Class experience

In order for measuring instruments in industrial enterprises and test labs to deliver precise measurements consistently, they have to be calibrated regularly to the national standard. Calibration is an essential component of quality assurance that provides feedback on the metrological properties of a measuring instrument. Are the measurement precise? Are the measurement repeatable? Are the parameters linear? Even very small measuring inaccuracies can drastically affect the quality of products and processes. And drops in quality often result in rejects, reworking, claims for compensation and unnecessary costs.

At GTM we specialize in the reliable calibration of your force and torque transducers and all related calibrations, and our competence and experience are very influential in shaping developments in metrology. Our calibration technicians have many years of experience and expertise in calibration, metrology and measuring technology. It goes without saying that our calibration lab is accredited by the German accreditation body DAkkS, and we operate the world’s largest private-sector compression/tension force measurement system (10 MN). As a leading provider of services in our field of specialization we offer calibration of force transducers, torque transducers and multi-axis transducers, as well as the voltage ratio of strain gauge measuring amplifiers.

Precision from GTM:
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All measuring systems in the GTM calibration lab are in-house developments. They are comparable to the standard machines for force and torque measurement that GTM delivers to National Metrological Institutes (NMI), calibration labs and sensor manufacturers around the world. Frequently they represent the national standard – the highest national instances (NMIs) – of the respective countries, for example in Germany, Switzerland or Brazil. As the first company worldwide to be accredited in the area of multi-axis calibration in 2005, GTM is the global pioneer in this field. GTM also supplies the Physical-Technical Federal Institute (PTB) in Braunschweig, which operates these standards by virtue of the Units and Time Act. Our lab is also accredited by the German accreditation body DAkkS according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. Our customers can therefore be assured that we deliver reliable, traceable and high-precision calibration services. It is not without reason that we are among Europe’s leading providers of calibrations for force, torque and multi-axis transducers.

Engineers of the GTM calibration lab share their expertise in committees of the DAkkS and the German calibration service DKD. Together with other experts they discuss current issues such as calibration standards or develop calibration guidelines. GTM is therefore actively shaping the future of the sector

 a calibration specialist you can trust:


  • Leading provider of calibration services for force and moment calibration in Europe and also global pioneer in multi-axis calibration
  • ISO 17025 accreditation and fast processing times
  • Unique broad service spectrum: Calibration of forces between 0.0005 and 10,000 kN
  • Reliable results due to direct traceability to the Physical-Technical Federal Institute (PTB), the National Metrology Institute of the Federal Republic of Germany, and confirmation of expertise through DAkkS accreditation
  • Choice of different calibration standards for forces and moments 
  • Calibration of entire measuring chains (also of third-party products)
  • Decades of experience in the calibration of load cells, force transducers, torque transducers and measuring chains
  • Pioneers in the industry: As a member of the committees of the German Calibration Service DKD and the Germany Accreditation Body DAkkS, GTM is influential in shaping calibration technology.

Standardized Adaptation Components Save Money

To limit the costs for calibration of high rated loads – especially in the case of tensile force – our lab is equipped with different standardized mounting components for adaptation to very high loads in tensile force measurements. This allows us to carry out cost-saving calibrations in the range from 2 MN to 10 MN.

In general, the force reference standards of the GTM calibration lab provide an accredited measuring range from 0,5 N to 10 MN.


Flexible Adaptation for Compression Calibration

To ensure correct centric introduction of the force vector in the case of level and plane-parallel force introduction surfaces of compression force transducers, we have compression force adapters with convex force introduction for forces up to 3 MN (Ø = 200 mm) and 10 MN (Ø = 360 mm).


Variable Connection Dimensions for Tension Calibration

If the customer does not provide all required mounting components, the following adaptations can be implemented by means of existing mounting components: Force transducers according to ISO376 can be adapted by means of the in-lab test bars with a ball cup / ball nut combination for 2 MN, 4 MN, 6 MN and 10 MN. For outer threads, we have in-lab threaded bushes according to ISO376 with M90x4 on both sides for adaptation of 2 MN sensors and M125x4 for adaptation of 4 MN sensors. If the threads do not conform to standard, special threaded bushes must be manufactured or provided.

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