Kalibrierung von Mehrkomponentenaufnehmern

Calibration for Multi-Axis Transducers

The GTM calibration laboratory has the know-how, the competence, the procedures, and the appropriate reference standards for the calibration of multi-axis transducers and also develops new multi-axis calibration procedures

Our Calibration Services for Multi-Axis Transducers and Multi-Axis Measuring Platforms


Calibration process/
sample calibration certificate
AA 032 Calibration of multi-axis transducers with the specification of the main component and auxiliary component sensitivities
GTM-RL-001 Calibration of friction coefficient measuring heads for testing screws under combined axial force and torque loads
GTM-RL-002 Calibration of multi-axis systems of all types, including distributed (measuring platforms), partially distributed or monolithic systems, with representation of the uncertainty of measurement vector

Multi Axis / Component Transducers, Multi-Axis Measuring Platforms


Multi-Axis / component reference standards MK-BNME

We calibrate multi-axis transducers with complete knowledge of the force vector through our traceable, resolved systems. No flying blind in multicomponent calibration.

Key Facts

  • Measured quantity: Multicomponent force and moment Tension and compressive force Right and left moments
  • Operating principle: Reference transducers in decoupled systems, with bending moment soft axial force rods and axial force soft torsion transmitters.
  • Accredited measuring ranges: 250 N to 1,2 MN and 5 N·m bis 5000 N·m 
  • Expanded relative measurement uncertainty: 5·10-3


Good to know

We recommend to coordinate the installation dimensions with us before ordering the calibration or manufacturing adapters. Compliance with the stated dimensions does not guarantee that the transducer can actually be mounted.

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