Full speed ahead: building the 10-MN calibration machine

GTM calibration lab constructs the largest calibration machine ever used in the private sector

It took around eight months to build the machine, which is capable of calibrating forces of up to 10 MN. The time-lapse video comprises a series of images taken at six-minute intervals. Watch construction from laying the foundations to turnkey completion.

The video shows:

  • Cutting open the floor panel
  • Inserting the 16-m anchor rods and testing load capacity
  • Digging the 6-foot pit
  • Sealing the pit against groundwater seepage
  • Inserting reinforced-concrete armouring 
  • Filling roughly 35 tonnes of concrete
  • Assembling and aligning the measuring unit
  • Assembling the screw pump on the left behind the measuring unit (~03:19)
  • Assembling the dual-reference force transducer system (~04:00)
  • Assembling a gantry crane for loading the machine with objects for compressive-force calibration (~04:46)
  • First automated function testing (~04:59)
  • Assembling a ladder and hydraulic platforms (~05:00) Tensile-force calibration objects are installed in the lower section from within the pit, compressive-force calibration objects are installed above the platforms.
  • Assembling panelling and air-conditioning system (starts ~05:30)

Our calibration certificates are created in German/English version. The certificates will be recognized in all countries which signed the multilateral agreements of the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA) and of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC)

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