Voltage Ratio and Strain Gauge Calibration

We are one of the few calibration specialists in Germany to offer calibration not only of mechanical variables, but also of voltage ratios. These are needed in applications where strain gauge force and torque transducers are in operation.

Our Calibration Services for Voltage Ratio and Strain Gauge Measuring Amplifiers


Calibration process/
sample calibration certificate
Carrier frequency 5 V 225 Hz Calibration of precision carrier frequency measuring amplifiers
Carrier frequency 2.5 V 4.8 kHz Calibration of carrier frequency measuring amplifiers
DC voltage 5 V Calibration of precision DC measuring amplifiers
DC voltage 10 V Calibration of precision DC measuring amplifiers


Available voltage ratio reference standards:

Bridge standard BN100A
Calibration instrument K148

Good to know

We recommend to coordinate the installation dimensions with us before ordering the calibration or manufacturing adapters. Compliance with the stated dimensions does not guarantee that the transducer can actually be mounted.

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