GTM is your reliable & global Partner when it comes to strain-gauge-based Precision Transducers, Load Cells, Systems, Electronics and Calibration Services for Forces and Torques

What Motivates Us: 
#Precision Wins

Striving absolutely for precision and innovation. At first there was one customer, now there are thousands around the world. Since our company was established in 1988, we have been setting standards in our special field: measurement of forces and moments. We work at the highest level in everything we do: standard products, custom versions and services. Early on we established our reputation as a pioneer of technical development in this field, with an excellent team to support our problem-solving competence.

Curious about how it actually looks like in our offices? Just come in!

Immerse yourself virtually in our world and be inspired by our state-of-the-art working environment during a 360° tour. Get to know some of the GTM team members and see where we are constantly thinking about new ideas and opportunities for improvement and are always getting innovative projects off the ground – right here in Bickenbach, directly at the beautiful Bergstraße.

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Our Vision


Wir machen die Welt mit unserem Messtechnik-Know-How und unserer Leidenschaft für Präzision zu einer Besseren.


+ Digitization

We see comprehensive digital transformation as both an opportunity and a necessity, in order to continue developing GTM’s outstanding position in the future. Our customers and partners play the main role here, and we will push the advancement of future digital products & solutions in close cooperation with our customers.

+ Standards

We set standards in measurement technology. We make the world a better place because we make a major contribution to ensuring that a NEWTON is always a NEWTON, all around the globe.


+ Sharing

We share our knowledge, our expertise, and our passion for measuring technology and precision with everyone who is interested. National and international cooperations and partnerships are therefore a basic pillar of our philosophy.

+ Durability

In the development and production of all GTM components, the top priorities are maximum precision, durability and reliability.

+ Sustainability

We know that we have to protect the Earth. We can do this only through sustainable actions today. This idea defines our business activity 24/7, from the raw materials for our components to the ready-to-dispatch product.



Our Mission

Our purpose is to offer solutions. To achieve this, we develop products that not only satisfy our customers, but encourage innovations. Our measuring technology does more than just fulfil requirements: It defines them. Every solution has its own individual success story. Our goal is to write this success story together with our customers.

The Power of Precision

  • Reliable: We deliver products of the highest quality that continue to function perfectly and with absolute precision even after many years.
  • Precise: Our products are the best, and have been for decades.
  • Custom-tailored: The requirements of our customers are fulfilled to the letter, without wasting energy on over-engineering.
  • Innovative: Our background in science and technology serves as both a stimulus and a safeguard.
  • Fast: Our development and delivery times are short, to keep our customers in the innovation flow.
Unsere gemeinsamen Werte sind das Fundament der GTM-Unternehmenskultur

Our Values


Our common values are the foundation of GTM’s corporate culture:

  • We are a strong team: As in metrological traceability, overall performance is dependent on an unbroken chain. That is why we work hard together, respect one another and constantly think about new ideas and improvements.
  • We lead by example: In all areas of the company we set a good example and are always open to dialogue. Together, we always find a solution.
  • We have courage: We allow ourselves to question approaches and methods, to think unconventionally and to experiment. This is the only way we can continue to develop together.
  • We have confidence in our ability: We trust technology and our competence to use it in order to find and develop the best solutions.
  • We delegate and take on responsibility: We are firmly convinced that it is right to encourage people, and that every individual is capable of great achievements.
  • We are open and enthusiastic: As a strong team we foster open and transparent communication, and are passionate about making big things happen and redefining existing boundaries.

GTM History

In the beginning there was the first customer, today we make the force and torque applications of our global customers always a bit more PRECISE, SAFER and MORE RELIABLE!


About GTM

With over 70 employees at two locations in the South Hessian municipality of Bickenbach and in Prague, GTM – also known in the industry as “die Gelben” (the yellow company) – is the leading specialist for the measurement of forces and moments. GTM not only sets metrological and measurement standards worldwide, but also offers standard products for measuring forces and moments, as well as calibration and other services at a precedent-setting level. Well over 50 patents and the design of both the biggest and smallest force measurement system within the national accreditation body DAkkS, as well as the world’s most precise lever ratio measuring system underscore the outstanding expertise of GTM specialists in the field of metrology. GTM is accredited as a calibration lab for force, torque and multi-component transducers, as well as the voltage ratio of strain gauge measuring amplifiers. GTM delivers measuring systems to national institutes, calibration labs and manufacturers of force and torque transducers around the world.



High-Precision, flexibly configurable or "Engineered-To Order" Transducers and Mechanical Systems for Forces and Torques, High-Precision strain-gauge Amplifiers, as well as Turnkey Standard Machines.



GTM Measuring Transducers are used almost Universally - whether for Materials and Component Testing or for Industrial Quality and Process Control.



Physical measurements are becoming ever more precise, and transducers and the entire measurement chains ever more accurate. In this context, metrology as the "science of measurement and its applications" plays a decisive role. Find out how GTM's products, solutions and competencies help to ensure that a Newton is always a Newton, no matter where in the world the force is measured.



You can always rely on us! We are your competent, trustworthy and first point of contact when it comes to manufacturer-independent calibration of forces, moments and voltage ratios, traceability of your transducers and further development of metrological calibration procedures.