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GTM receives patent for new "Easy-to-Integrate" force transducer

New force transducer | load cell simplifies retrofitting in industrial applications

GTM's patented new force transducer concept is a single-slotted cylinder that records forces using the shear web principle. This enables measurement of the resulting forces for a nominal force range of 20 - 200 kN in both tension and compression. The force transducer | load cell has a generous feedthrough in its longitudinal axis to allow it to be mounted over a (threaded) rod or profile, for example. Hole circles in the force sensor allow a flexible selection of different mounting parts. The design can be as desired, either as a flange variant with face countersinks or with threaded holes on various diameters. Due to its design, the new force transducer |load cell is very torsionally stiff against axial torsion about the longitudinal axis. Due to the force-guided installation conditions of the force transducer, accuracies of up to 1% can be achieved.

The slotted shape of the force transducer | load cell enables simple, fast and subsequent installation in existing designs and applications with threaded spindles or guides, for example in linear technology, without having to expose the web end. The new "Easy-to-Integrate" force sensor can be used in a wide range of industrial applications as a perfect retro-fitting solution. Concrete areas of application are, for example, force measurement in slide guides of cutting machines or the measurement of loads on guides.

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