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GTM standardises multicomponent transducers

GTM standardisiert Mehrkomponentenaufnehmer
GTM standardisiert Mehrkomponentenaufnehmer
GTM standardisiert Mehrkomponentenaufnehmer
GTM standardisiert Mehrkomponentenaufnehmer

When it comes to mechanical testing of components, the requirements of measuring multiaxial forces and torques in industrial applications are very difficult to reconcile. That is why GTM, with its MKA and MPF series, offers application-specific solutions that can be optimised and manufactured in accordance with requirements.

Often, however, no precise knowledge with regard to forces and torques is held and an application-optimised solution is thus fraught with questions: Is the effort worth it? Are the estimated forces and torques really sufficient? Are the estimates too high even?

For cases like this, GTM, with its LVS series, has now come up with a concept for a standardised multicomponent transducer series. The series is based on more than 20 years of experience in hundreds of applications in a very wide range of industrial sectors. With the LVS series, users thus benefit from a quickly available and reliable product with a good price-performance ratio.

Small design, simple assembly, precise measurement

The new LVS series sensor is the smallest and lightest type on the market. The small design is not only beneficial for new builds, it also simplifies retroactive fitting in existing structures. The transducer can also be easily aligned and centred using conventional standard parts and an index bore.

Just like the application-optimised transducers of the MKA or MPF series, the LVS series offers very precise measurements. Crosstalk effects – when applying a load in only one direction, very small measurement signals also arise in the other axes as a matter of principle – are reduced to a minimum.

Applications and versions

Multicomponent transducers are always used when forces and torques occur in more than one spatial direction. The LVS series allows up to six components – three forces and three torques – to be measured oriented against a Cartesian coordinate system. For simple load cases in which no torques are to be recorded, versions are available with only the three forces.

The various components always have a high degree of sensitivity of 1 mV/V for the fixed basic loads. The ratio of basic axial force Fz to the basic lateral forces Fx and Fy is 5:1. In the case of the six-component version, the three basic torques are equal: Mx = My = Mz.

The basic values represent the dynamic fatigue limit on all channels. If individual channels are subjected to smaller loads or if the multicomponent transducer is used statically, higher loads are also permitted.

For a unique type designation, it is sufficient to specify the basic force Fz, as all other forces and torques have a fixed ratio to it:

Basic force
Fx, Fy
Basic torques
Mx, My, Mz
10 kN 2 kN 100 N·m
25 kN 5 kN 250 N·m
50 kN 10 kN 500 N·m
100 kN 100 kN 1500 N·m
250 kN 250 kN 5000 N·m
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