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IMEKO World Congress of Metrology

The world’s most important metrological congress, the IMEKO, was held in Belfast in early September. More than 800 scientific and academic participants from around the globe took part in this top-class conference to discuss scientific trends and innovations from the world of measurement, and of course to network.

A host of interesting talks were given, including speeches by two winners of the Nobel Prize for physics: Klaus von Klitzing (Germany) and William D. Phillips (USA). As you would expect, the bar was set accordingly high at the event.

National Metrological Institutes (NMI) from around the world were represented, as were universities, and developers and supporters from industry. Among these latter was GTM. With its force and torque measuring equipment, which it has been providing to metrological institutes worldwide as complete solutions for many years now, GTM has built up an excellent reputation. The GTM conference stand was busy with customers and interested parties wanting to discuss new projects.

GTM has the references to match from the summits of national calibration hierarchies, such as the world’s largest 1.1 MN m torque standard measuring machine owned by PTB Braunschweig, or the world’s most precise leverage-transmitted 1 MN force measuring machines, which are used at various national institutes, such as the NPL India or VMI Vietnam.

GTM can also draw on a wealth of laboratory experience, enabling it to offer institutes suitable solutions for their software or practical daily work. For example, with the largest and smallest force standard machines in DAkkS (the German national accreditation body), GTM offers force calibrations in the range of 0.5 N to 10 MN in accordance with ISO 376 as a service for calibration providers who calibrate testing machines in accordance with ISO 7500.

The next IMEKO world congress will take place in two years’ time in Japan, and GTM will certainly be there too.

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