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Neue Ansprechpartner bei GTM

Successful sales means always thinking from the customer's perspective. After customer behaviour has changed significantly in recent years, we have decided to restructure our sales department.

There are customers who need our advice. They have specific questions about our products and their application. They have special requirements or as yet unsolved problems with which they come to us. We would like to help these customers in the future with a fast connection to the development department.

However, the majority of our customers buy our high-quality, standardised products. They do not require any customisation. If there were force and torque transducers at Amazon, they would probably buy there. We want to meet these customers with a central contact point and digital solutions.

For you as a customer the access to our products becomes much easier; you can contact us via

You will then be competently guided through the further process. In most cases this will be the digital purchase of a standard product. Where there is a need for advice, we will put you in contact with our development experts.

We are convinced: maintaining a relationship with the customer remains important. But today that no longer means visiting you. The field sales will therefore be dissolved. At the same time we will become more active in sales - through digitalisation and focusing.

This restructuring of sales is embedded in our growth strategy. Even if the economic situation is difficult at the moment - due to Corona - we are investing. We are positioning ourselves to become even more successful in the future. We know: High customer and employee satisfaction are the basis for sustainable growth.


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