GTM GmbH - Be a Measure of Forces and Moments

Be a Measure of Forces and Moments

As specialist for the measurement of forces and moments GTM not only sets standards worldwide but offers standard products and services on a level clearly above average.

We - a high-performance team with outstanding problem-solving competency - are pioneers, trendsetters and driving force of technical development in this area.

  • Darmstadt company run

    First time for GTM! Last Wednesday, 13 runners took part in this year’s Darmstadt company run. They had to cover 5 km, with a clear focus on team spirit and the belief that “it’s the taking part that...

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  • Compensating inertia in force measurement

    For dynamic forces, the clamping tool’s mass already distorts the force measurement, even without contact to the sample.

    Dynamic forces are widespread in industrial force measurement. When measuring such forces, precision can be improved by compensating the forces produced by the force introduction components’ inertia....

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