Be a Measure of Forces and Moments

As specialist for the measurement of forces and moments GTM not only sets standards worldwide but offers standard products and services on a level clearly above average. 

We - a high-performance team with outstanding problem-solving competency - are pioneers, trendsetters and driving force of technical development in this area.


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  • IMEKO World Congress of Metrology

    GTM team at the IMEKO 2018 in Belfast

    The world’s most important metrological congress, the IMEKO, was held in Belfast in early September. More than 800 scientific and academic participants from around the globe took part in this...

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  • GTM standardises multicomponent transducers

    Standardised: LVS series multicomponent transducer

    When it comes to mechanical testing of components, the requirements of measuring multiaxial forces and torques in industrial applications are very difficult to reconcile. That is why GTM, with its...

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