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In-line measuring amplifier ILA

Think of your force measurement application in a completely new way!

The new "Best-in-Class" strain gauge in-line measuring amplifier with outstanding DAQ performance for your innovative edge!


Everything from a single source: GTM perfects the precision force measurement chain with the innovative, ultra-compact, single-channel in-line amplifier ILA. ILA comes with an EtherCAT® interface and, together with the high-performance GTM force transducers - or other strain gauge transducers also from third-party suppliers - offers the perfect and future-proof combination for test bench applications in the fields of materials and component, structure testing or for demanding industrial process as well as quality control.

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With an outstanding measuring rate of 40 kS/S, signal bandwidth of 2 KHz and an accuracy class of 0.01

Ultra Compact

Pocket-sized DAQ performance with IP67 for all connections

Plug & Process

Simple, fast and flexible to integrate - even in existing applications


Data acquisition at the highest level now possible directly at the sensor

Dezentraler Inline-Messverstärker Serie ILA

Dynamic & Precise - for the best of both worlds

ILA combines the worlds of established DIN rail strain gauge measuring amplifiers and classic data acquisition systems (DAQs): It offers outstanding metrological performance with a measuring rate of 40 kS/s, a bandwidth of 2 kHz, an accuracy class of 0.01 and distributed clocks (1 µS) - and all this with high adaptability of the number of channels and without additional gateways for connection to the automation system.  

Details of the ILA measuring amplifier

Ultra-Compact & Robust - for field use

Unlimited possibilities: The ILA, equipped with IP67 protection, was developed for use close to strain gauge-based transducers such as force transducers or load cells. Thanks to the Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) function, the system topology is set up decentrally and exclusively via industrial RJ45 cables - there is no need for costly, interference-prone and error-prone cabling via long sensor cables!

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Completely new possibilities and optimized costs in the overall application

Because data acquisition via the ILA takes place directly or close to the sensor, there are completely new options for the design of the control cabinet and the entire network topology for the design of the overall application!

Your Benefits:

Complex and interference-prone cabling via long sensor cables is no longer necessary - more cost-effective Ethernet cables can be brought right into the field or the machine and very close to the strain gauge transducer. Thanks to IP67, no problem even under harsh environmental conditions.

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Plug & Process - for fast deployment

Commercially available connection sockets (M12/RJ45) with IP67, only one connection cable each for force sensor or strain gauge transducer, EtherCAT® communication with integrated supply via Power over Ethernet: ILA can be integrated easily, quickly and flexibly over the entire life cycle of the application - even in existing applications! The integrated switch allows up to 12 ILAs to be connected to each other in a line without additional supply lines (daisy chain). The industrial GTM Power Injector ILA-PWIN is perfectly tailored to the technical requirements of the ILA series and is perfectly suited for industrial applications.

Your Benefits:

  • Simple and fast connection from the sensor to the controller
  • High scalability of the number of channels: up to 12 ILAs in a Power-over-Ethernet line
  • Reduction of wiring errors over the entire life cycle
  • Suitable accessories from a single source

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Data Acquisition (DAQ) for test bench applications and industrial quality and process control at the highest level - with sensor-near EtherCAT® interface.

With the EtherCAT® interface, the new ILA allows easy integration of high-performance data acquisition close to the GTM force transducer (or other strain gauge transducers). Main applications are test bench applications in the fields of materials and component and structural testing as well as for demanding industrial quality and process control, for example in the automotive industry, medical technology, or aerospace. 


Your Benefits:

  • Reduction of complexity over the entire life cycle from planning to operation to maintenance of the application.
  • Real-time data acquisition with distributed clocks (1 μs) ensures highly synchronous measurement results for maximum precision
  • Improved Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the entire system

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Simply Good. The "Best-in-Class" precision force measuring chain from a single source.

A great advantage for the user and in total even much better than in many individual parts: The entire high-precision and smart force measuring chain comes from one manufacturer. GTM offers all components - from the force transducer and the matching mechanical adapters such as foot plates, to the necessary connecting cables and connectors, to the EtherCAT® interface and, of course, the ILA - in the highest quality.  

ILA Highlights at a Glance:

  • Interface: EtherCAT®
  • Measuring input: strain gauge full bridge 80 Ω – 5 k Ω 
  • Measuring rate: 40 kS/s
  • Bandwidth: 2 kHz
  • Accuracy class: 0,01
  • Power over Ethernet (passive PoE)
  • Distributed clocks (1 µS)

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