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Kraftaufnehmer Serie K - Präzise, robuste und konfigurierbare Kraftmesssensoren von 200 N bis 630 kN

Precise, robust and configurable: Series K force transducers

The force transducers of the K series have a nominal force range of 200 N to 630 kN and, with an accuracy class of 0.02 to 0.05, are the premium class among GTM's force sensors. They use the bending ring principle as a single integrated measuring process for force measurement. These load cells therefore set standards for accuracy, reliability and quality.

An especially positive feature is their low sensitivity to parasitic influences (shear forces, bending moments, torsional moments and temperature fluctuations). They can withstand forces up to 300 % of the nominal capacity without breakage and up to 150% without zero-point shift. With a fixed cable connection, the K series load cells achieve IP rating IP68.

You want to order a GTM force transducer series K?
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The intuitive user interface leads you to your individual K series transducer in only five steps. It is available on all devices, whether desktop or mobile, and saves you a lot of time and work. You don't have to search through catalogs, call sales staff or read data sheets - we support you in selecting the right solution for you.

Certain preferred variants with shortened delivery times are also suggested to you in the configurator. Helpful tool tips, clear status displays and descriptive images add to the completely new GTM user experience. - And if there are still open questions, we are there for you. 

We guide you to your favored K series in five steps.

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13,000 variants and no end: Customizing at its best

You couldn't select the right force transducer for your application with the configurator? No problem!
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Just 5 steps to your individual Series K force transducer

GTM's new configurator makes configuring Series K force transducers quick and easy in just five steps - and that with a selection of more than 13,000 possible force sensor variants. The easy-to-use step-by-step process saves a lot of time and effort in finding the right force transducer: no need to leaf through catalogs, call sales staff or read data sheets. Registration is just as unnecessary as searching through extensive equipment options. Helpful tool tips, clear status displays and descriptive images add to the completely new GTM user experience.

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