Current topics of force, torque and multicomponent measurement

  • New contacts at GTM

    GTM Bickenbach

    Successful sales means always thinking from the customer's perspective. After customer behaviour has changed significantly in recent years, we have decided to restructure our sales department.

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  • Customer information: GTM continues working

    Dear customers, the current COVID 19 pandemic forces us to take unusual measures. Since Monday, March 23, 2020, we at GTM have been operating a daily alternating shift system with half the workforce...

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  • Darmstadt company run

    First time for GTM! Last Wednesday, 13 runners took part in this year’s Darmstadt company run. They had to cover 5 km, with a clear focus on team spirit and the belief that “it’s the taking part that...

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  • Compensating inertia in force measurement

    For dynamic forces, the clamping tool’s mass already distorts the force measurement, even without contact to the sample.

    Dynamic forces are widespread in industrial force measurement. When measuring such forces, precision can be improved by compensating the forces produced by the force introduction components’ inertia....

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