Mechanical Accessory Components

– Highest Quality for your GTM Force Transducers and Load Cells

Measuring with High-Quality Mechanical Adapters, also in accordance with ISO 376

The overall performance and lifetime of force transducers, transfer standards and other GTM sensors depends not only on the “classic” aspects such as measuring elements, material etc., but also greatly on the mechanical accessories and the resulting force introduction. The design, material hardness and quality of the surfaces, the robustness under full load and an even, centred force introduction are mentioned here as some of the essential factors.

That is why we offer diverse suitable mechanical accessories, also in accordance with ISO376; for a broad range of high-end applications, such as industrial testing machines or metrological applications. Depending on the series and version, GTM force sensors and load cells are equipped at the factory with the corresponding add-on components. That is a real advantage for the customer, since the sensors can be mounted or installed quickly and easily, at low expense.

Depending on the application and the resulting requirements it is possible that add-on components may have to be ordered separately and/or custom ordered or reordered. In this case we offer numerous load buttons, base plates and pressure plates, compression and tension elements, thread adapters and other mounting components for our load cells, reference force transducers and torque transducers. 

The right mechanical accessories allow optimal mounting and safe use of all GTM transducers at all times, if required also in accordance with the ISO 376 standard.



  • Optimal Introduction of Tensile and Compressive Forces – original GTM mechanical accessories assure you the full potential of our force transducers, load cells and reference force transducers in all installation situations.
  • All from a Single Source, Fast, Easy and Flexible – Choose the right mechanical adapter for your application.
  • Individual Consultation and Engineering – Our experienced and professional experts will be glad to advise you personally to achieve optimal mechanical mounting of your force transducer.
  • Compliant and Standardized according to ISO376 – Our high-quality standard components allow you to achieve reliable and convenient measurements in all force ranges and precision classes.

+ Key Facts

  • For axial introduction of tensile and compressive forces
  • Compliant and standardized according to ISO376
  • High-quality and long-lasting workmanship
  • Force transducers can be adapted for numerous applications

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