Strain-Gauge Amplifiers

Explanations of force and torque measurement terms can be found in our Technical Lexicon.

An investigation of the influence of carrier frequency or direct current voltage was published at IMEKO 2009.

Serie CFA225-PSerie CFA225-P

5 V 225 Hz carrier frequency amplifier

With an accuracy class of 0.0025 the CFA225-P is at same time the smallest, most accurate and cost-effective carrier frequency strain-gauge amplifier. In accordance with the prior art, the carrier frequency offers the most accurate traceability with the lowest measurement uncertainties.

Serie LT-DigitizerSerie LT-Digitizer

Portable strain gauge measuring amplifier

Thanks to its low weight, the strain-gauge amplifier is ideally suited for on-site calibration tasks when used in combination with force / torque transfer units and torque transfer wrenches. The four-channel version can be used in connection with expandable cylinders for inspecting concrete testing machines, for example.

Serie MCMproSerie MCMpro

Multi-channel strain gauge electronic system for test benches

Whether in the automotive, tyre, wind power or rail industry – the MCMpro strain-gauge amplifier accelerates the development processes and simplifies the application wherever multi-axis tests are required. The individual design options on the operating interface also allow for a self-explanatory display, even for inexperienced users.