Force Transducers, Load Cells

Please note that we prefer the term "Force Transducers" instead of the very frequently used term "Load Cells" on our website. The reason for this is that our force transducers are optimized with respect to the vector properties of the force, whereas such properties usually pay less attention at load cells for weighing purposes. Nevertheless, we would like to support you in your habitual language use.

Some further explanations of force and torque measurement terms can be found in our Technical Lexicon


  Type Application Compression force Tension force Dynamic Force range / kN  
Serie KL

Precision force measurement

The special design of the KL series for small forces allows the mounting of the transducer from one side. This is advantageous in many applications, compared to the often used designs in this force range. Integrated absorber protect against accidental damage during assembly or operation.

Serie KS

Precision force measurement

The force transducers of KS series are used for precision force measurement of smaller forces. Accurate, reliable and robust.

Serie K

Precision force measurement

The force transducers of K series are suitable for all applications requiring high precision over a large measuring range or where interferences may affect the measuring results beyond a permissible degree.

Serie RF

Precision force measurement

The ruggedness of the force transducers of RF series makes them ideal for critical load applications with concurrent high precision requirements and they are also ideally suited to endurance testing.

Serie RF-I

Precision force measurement

Completes the force transducers of RF series with commonly found mounting dimensions in testing machines and hydraulic cylinders.

Serie DR

Industrial force measurement

To compensate undesired inertial forces the force transducers of DR series are equipped with two accelerometers. The two acceleration sensors cover a very large acceleration and frequency range. The force transducers are therefore well prepared for different requirements.

Serie DR-F

Industrial force measurement

The force transducers of series DR-F with inner flange enable an application in dynamic high-load range. Compared to a single thread, the flange mounting allows an easier initial tensioning of the high force attachments, since the required pretension force is distributed over several screws. The two built-in accelerometers are adapted to the requirements of lower frequencies and higher coupling masses.

Serie UB

Industrial force measurement

With the force transducers of UB series, GTM offers a lightweight force transducer with an extremely small diameter and high natural frequency.

Serie KTN-Z/D

Calibration of standard machines

The force transducers of KTN-Z/D series are used for tension and compression forces, and extends the application areas for pure compression force versions with a high level of precision. 

Expanding of Serie KTN-Z/D

For small forces:

Force transducers with nominal loads of 5 N, 10 N, 20 N, 50 N and 100 N for calibration of force standard machines. The structure of the force transducers ensures high precision and exceeding repeatability as well as stability and overload protection while handling.

Serie KTN-D

Calibration of standard machines

KTN-D compressive force transducers offer the highest levels of precision for comparing national institutes with one another or tracing accredited calibration laboratories.

Serie KTN-BU

Calibration of standard machines

The Build-Up-Systems with multiple force transducers allow the calibration of large forces with high accuracy. Systems of three and nine force transducers are common, other systems are possible. Integrated are the force transducers of KTN-D series.

Serie KTN-P

Calibration of testing machines

The force transdcuers of KTN-P series are specially tailored to the requirements for calibrating material testing machines and are specified for a measuring range between 5% and 100%.

Serie KTN-LF

Calibration of testing machines

Compression force transducer for large forces combined with low weight for easier transportation at lower transport costs. Column design with optimized application of force, spherical surface and separate load button.

Serie ZST

Calibration of testing machines

Due to their low weight, the tension bars force transdcuers on the ZST series used for calibrating material testing machines show a clear handling advantage, especially as force transducer at nominal loads of 500 kN and upwards.