Series ZST

Reference Force Transducer Series ZST
– Lightweight and High-Precision Reference Tension Test Rods

Referenz-Kraftaufnehmer Serie ZST – leichte und hochpräzise Referenz-Zugstäbe - für die Kalibrierung von Werkstoffprüfmaschinen für Kräfte von 200 kN bis 10 MN

Force Transducers for Calibration of Material Testing Machines for Forces from 200 kN to 10 MN

Tension rods of the ZST series are ideal for use as reference force transducers for calibration in the case of static tensile forces. The ZST series fulfils the requirements of accuracy class 0.5 according to IS0376 in the measuring range from 20 to 100% of the respective rated force and features a lightweight design with definite handling advantages, especially at rated loads of 500 kN and higher. The measuring cables consist of high-quality double shielded wires that are perfect for this high-precision application. The ZST series also boasts a broad spectrum of standard-compliant mounting adapters, as well as standardized connection dimensions.

The reference force transducers of the ZST series are ideal for the calibration of material testing machines, but can also be used in other high-end testing applications.


+ Key Facts

  • Calibration in the case of static pulling forces
  • ISO376 precision class 0.5: between 20% and 100%
  • Nominal force range: 200 kN to 10 MN
  • High precision
  • Low weight

+ Advantages

  • Flexibly configurable tension rod variants
  • Investment security due to long service life
  • Extremely reliable operation
  • Time-proven for many years
  • High-quality accessories conforming to standards


  • ISO-compliant mounting adapter
  • Bending moment measuring circuits Mx, My to check the axial force introduction
  • Fixed connector sockets or fixed double shielded cable on sensor
  • In case of fixed double shielded cable on sensor: different connector types (e.g. D-Sub or MS) or free cable ends
  • High-quality transport case or box available separately

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