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Kraftaufnehmer Serie K - Präzise, robuste und konfigurierbare Kraftmesssensoren von 200 N bis 630 kN

Precise, Robust and Configurable Force Transducers

The force transducers of the K series use the bending ring principle as a single integrated measuring process for force measurement. These load cells therefore set standards for accuracy, reliability and quality. An especially positive feature is their low sensitivity to parasitic influences (shear forces, bending moments, torsional moments and temperature fluctuations). They can withstand forces up to 300 % of the nominal capacity without breakage and up to 150% without zero-point shift. With a fixed cable connection, the K series load cells achieve IP rating IP68.

The K series is a load cell that enables high-precision measurements throughout the entire measuring range – from very small loads all the way to the nominal force. This means that the same force transducer can be used for the largest possible measuring range as a reliable and economical solution for your force measurement application – ideal for testing of materials and components, for static and dynamic test machines, or for process control and quality assurance in high-end production applications.

+ Key Facts

  • Compression and tensile forces, static and dynamic
  • Nominal force range: 200 N to 630 kN
  • Accuracy class: 0.02 to 0.05
  • Fatigue endurance limit: >100 million load cycles
  • Mounting: Flange or threaded
  • IP rating: up to IP68

+ Advantages

  • Flexibly configurable sensor variants 
  • Precise and reliable measurements
  • Well suited for dynamic applications
  • Investment security due to long service life
  • Very robust & durable


  • Mechanical connection as (1) flange, (2) threaded or (3) flange/threaded version depending on nominal load
  • Pre-assembled foot adapters depending on nominal load
  • Mechanical plug protection
  • Rated output (nominal) 2 mV/V, 1 mV/V
  • Second axial measuring circuit for redundancy
  • Bending moment measuring circuits Mx, My to check the axial force introduction
  • Fixed connector sockets or fixed cable in various lengths on the sensor
  • In case of fixed cable on load cell: different connector types (e.g. D-Sub 9/15, MS, M12) or free ends
  • Expanded temperature range: -40 °C to +180 °C

Technical Data

General data
Nominal force range 0,2 to 630 [kN]
Linearity deviation 0,02 - 0,03 [%]
Hysteresis 0,02 - 0,08 [%]
TKC rated value 0,04 [%/10K]
TK0 zero signal 0,025 [%/10K]
Type of construction (1) flange
(2) central thread
(3) flange & central thread
*depending on nominal force


Electrical data
Nominal characteristic value 2 or 1 [mV/V]; depending on nominal force
Bridge resistance 900-1200 [Ohm]; depending on nominal force
Zero signal tolerance 0,5 [%]
Operating range of excitation voltage 5-20 [V]


Mechanical data
Fatigue strength 1. Amplitude ≤ 80% Fnom @2mV/V
2. Amplitude ≤ 100% Fnom @1mV/V
Maximum overload 150 [%]
Static breaking load 300 [%]
Fatigue strength / cycles Continuous vibration proof >108
Sensor body material 1. 0.2 kN - 0.5 kN: high strenght aluminium alloy
2. 1 kN - 630 kN: alloyed heat treated steel
Hermeticaly sealed Yes
Electrical connection 1. fixed connector socket on the sensor housing
2. fixed cable with open ends or selectable connectors


Environmental conditions
Rated temperature range +10 - +60 [°C]
Extended temperature range -40 - + 180 [°C]
Degree of protection IP68, with fixed cable connection
IP50, with plug connection

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