Multi-Axis Transducer Combinations
for Tension-Torsion Testing Machines

Mehrkomponentenaufnehmer-Kombinationen für Tension-Torsion-Prüfmaschinen

The versatile Force and Torque Transducers as a Custom Measuring System

The combination of K series force transducers and M series torque transducers produces multi-axis transducers that are ideal for use as reference transducers in tension-torsion testing machines. These testing devices can handle tensile and compressive forces in combination with torsional vibrations.

The K series is a force transducer that enables high-precision measurements throughout the entire measuring range – from very small loads all the way to the rated force. Series M torque transducers are ideal for torque measurement in all non-rotating applications with high requirements for precision.

Every multi-axis transducer combination for tension-torsion testing machines is custom engineered and manufactured to your specific requirements and your measuring tasks. Our highly competent team of developers will provide support at short notice to help you achieve a fast and flexible design. On the basis of the Engineered-to-Order principle we jointly develop the perfect combined tension-torsion transducer for you.

Torsion testing machines measure forces and moments at the Z axis of the tested specimen (Fz, Mz) and are used for example in the metal industry, the automotive sector, medical engineering and testing of raw materials and building materials.


+ Key Facts

  • Components: Fz, Mz
  • For moments, tensile and compressive forces, static and dynamic
  • K series nominal force range: 200 N to 630 kN
  • M serie nominal torque range: 2 N·m to 10 kN·m
  • Precision class up to 0.05

+ Advantages

  • Engineered-to-Order – in record time!
  • Individual consultation and engineering 
  • Time tested and continually optimised – for more than 25 years
  • The best of two worlds – force and torque
  • High-precision and reliable measurements
  • Investment security due to long service life
  • Extremely robust and durable


  • Always 100% custom tailored to your requirements
  • Based on the K series and M series
  • On request with a calibration certificate from our accredited DAkkS calibration lab

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