Series RLS

Multi-Axis Transducer series RLS
– Durable Test Bench Measuring Wheels

Mehrkomponentenaufnehmer Serie RLS - Komponenten: Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz

RLS Series: Wheel Force Sensors, Engineered- to-Order for your Individual Test Bench Conditions

Wheel force sensors of the RLS series are distributed multi-component transducers for half axle, axle and vehicle test benches. Wheel force sensors measure the forces exerted on a vehicle axle or chassis during test bench operation. 

Wheel force sensors of RLS series are custom tailored to the specific challenges of the test bench and are always designed for continuous operation, which exceeds the life of a vehicle wheel many times over. Two versions are available: steel (higher forces, salt spray resistant) or aluminium (lightweight).

Multi-component transducers of the RLS series operate with at least six integrated force circuits, in order to describe the introduced force vector completely and in all axes (x, y, z). Depending on the individual requirement, single-component transducers are supplemented by patented non-interacting two-component sensors to minimise the effects of distortion in dynamic use.

Calculation and processing of the transducer signals can be carried out with the multi-channel electronic measuring amplifier MCMpro for multi-axis transducers. An electronic hub circuit close to of the test bench is not required.

RLS series wheel force sensors are used singly in half axle test benches, in pairs in axle test benches, and in groups of four for life tests in chassis test benches. Proof of stability for wheels and rims in double-axle wheel test benches or brake disc test benches are likewise typical applications.

For testing the properties of wheels and tires with more stringent requirements for precision, we recommend our MPF series multi-axis measuring platforms.

+ Key Facts

  • Components: Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
  • At least six integrated load circuits
  • High precision for dynamic test bench tests
  • High stiffness and low weight
  • Very high fatigue strength

+ Advantages

  • Engineered- to-Order – in record time!
  • Individual consultation and engineering 
  • Precise and reliable measurements
  • Continuous operation throughout many times the life of a vehicle wheel
  • Custom adaptation to your test bench conditions
  • No electronic hub circuit for data transmission necessary
  • Accreditation according to DIN EN ISO 17025 ensures compliance with nationalgovernment standards


  • Custom adaptation to brake space and hub mounting
  • Suitable construction for respective test bench force introduction
  • Versions for different requirements: steel (higher forces, salt spray resistant) or aluminium (lightweight)
  • At least six integrated load circuits
  • Patented non-interacting two-component transducers as required
  • Calibration in GTM’s in-house calibration lab for multi-component transducers

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