Series XY

Multi-Axis Transducer Series XY
– The Top Choice for Precise Tire Uniformity Testing

Mehrkomponentenaufnehmer Serie XY - Komponenten: Fx, Fy - Speziell für tire uniformity testing machines

Reliable Transducers for Tire Uniformity Testing Machines

Tire uniformity testing machines have to measure forces in two axis directions (Fx, Fy). The 2-axis force transducers of the XY series were specially designed for this measuring task and conform to the standards defined by the global tire and automotive industry for measuring the uniformity of passenger vehicle tires. The process measures and evaluates radial and lateral forces as well as harmonic vibrations up to the tenth degree. This makes it possible to measure irregularities in the tire during the production process, after which they can be eliminated, for example by grinding off rubber.

The special multi-component transducers of the XY series, which feature an extremely low-profile design, are suitable for the construction of new tire testing and balancing machines, and are also compatible for modernization of existing tire uniformity machines of various manufacturers.

The standard unit of measurement in the international tire industry is the pound-force (lbf). 1 lbf is about 4.45 N. Tire conformity testing machines with multi-axis transducers of the XY series are used both for testing car and truck tires, as well as for balancing the tires in auto repair shops.


+ Key Facts

  • Components: Fx, Fy
  • Specially designed for tire uniformity testing machines
  • Nominal force range Fx/Fy: 1000/500 lbf to 2000/1000 lbf
  • Low cross-talk, low linearity deviation (0.1 %)
  • Fatigue strength limit: >100 million load cycles

+ Advantages

  • Precise and reliable measurements
  • Very robust and durable
  • Easy and flexible integration, also in existing tire uniformity machines
  • Extremely low-profile, space-saving design


  • Four graduated sizes
  • Two measuring leads, 5m with open cable ends on DMS amplifier side included in standard delivery

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