Series CFA225-P

High Precision Measuring Amplifier Series CFA225-P:
The Highest Precision for Mobile Use

Trägerfrequenz-Messverstärker CFA225-P der ideale Begleiter bei mobilen Vor-Ort-Kalibrierungen

The Smallest, Most Precise and Most Competitively Priced Portable Precision Strain Gauge Measuring Amplifier with Accuracy of 25 ppm

Service providers or labs that offer on-site calibration benefit from precision measuring amplifiers with the highest precision and low uncertainty of measurement. For these applications GTM offers the carrier frequency measuring amplifier CFA225-P, which is ideal for mobile on-site calibrations or also for setting up reference measuring chains with GTM reference transducers. The CFA225-P precision measuring transducer is your ideal DMS measuring amplifier for all single channel measuring, testing and calibration tasks which use standard transducers for force, torque, pressure or linear deformation with DMS full bridges.

The CFA2225-P is thoroughly designed for mobile use with a very lightweight design (about 300 g), an integrated display with keyboard, battery power and versatile, user-friendly controls. 

With an accuracy class of 0.0025 % or 25 ppm and a maximum resolution of ±300,000 the CFA225-P is also the smallest, most precise and competitively priced carrier frequency measuring amplifier for strain gauge transducers. The 225 Hz carrier frequency offers the lowest uncertainty of measurement in traceability to national standards available today. Of course, the transducer is connected by means of 6 wire circuit. 

The CFA225-P carrier frequency measuring amplifier is used primarily for mobile calibrations, although the compact, intuitive to operate device is also ideal for stationary use.


+ Key Facts

  • Carrier frequency measuring amplifier for mobile & stationary operation
  • Accuracy class: 0.0025 % or 25 ppm
  • Measuring input: DMS full bridge 180 Ω – 5 kΩ 
  • Bridge supply voltage: 5 V, CF 225Hz
  • Interface: serial RS232

+ Advantages

  • Mobile, portable with display and keyboard
  • High-precision and reliable measurements – 25 ppm
  • Easy connection via RS232 interface
  • Also suitable for reference measuring chains
  • Entire calibrated measuring chain from a single source


  • Standard features include a high-quality transport case with protective cover, AC/DC power pack, wall mount, table stand 
  • High-quality measuring cables available as accessories
  • DAkkS certificate available on request
  • Factory calibration also available as measuring chain

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