Series ILA

Strain Gauge measuring Amplifier Series ILA: Smart Force Measurement with decentralized inline measuring Amplifier | Precise, Dynamic and Future-Oriented

Dezentraler Inline-Messverstärker Serie ILA

Ultra-compact, decentralized, Best-in-Class Strain Gauge Measuring Amplifier with outstanding Price-Performance Ratio

The new high-performance and future-ready GTM inline amplifier (ILA) is a highly innovative, dynamic, ultracompact, precise and robust strain gauge electronic sensor circuit with an industrial interface (EtherCAT®) that is ideal for decentralised, highly dynamic, automated test bench measurement systems or high-end industrial automation applications. The ILA strain gauge measuring amplifier digitalizes the signals of analog strain gauge-based sensors such as force transducers or other strain gauge sensors, such as torque sensors or load cells. With a true measuring rate of 40 kS/s and a bandwidth of 2 kHz the smart ILA is the perfect solution for highly dynamic and precise testing applications. 

The ILA is used or installed “near” the sensor, which means the measuring process is decentralized, e.g. it takes place directly in the testing machine or in the field – thanks to the IP67 rating for all connections (sensor and system) also in harsh environments. The decentralized design significantly shortens the required sensor measuring leads, which is important both in terms of measuring performance and costs, since the system topology is built on industrial RJ45 cables. Optionally, installation is of course also possible in a classic  cabinet on a DIN rail. The measuring amplifier is powered by Power over Ethernet (passive PoE). This aspect has a positive effect on system costs especially in the case of higher numbers of channels, since the ILA features an integrated switch that allows fast and convenient connection of numerous ILAs, depending on the cable length. This applies for the power supply and high-performance EtherCAT® communication. 

The amplifier is installed “near the sensor” and is designed for “plug & process” via standard M12 connectors on the sensor side and RJ45 connectors on the system side. It takes only a few minutes to get your decentralized smart force measuring chain ready for operation.

The integrated EtherCAT® interface allows fast and efficient integration and processing of the high-performance signals in your automation system or test bench application. It also features integrated filter functions. For high-end multi-channel applications the real distributed clocks (DC) feature with 1µs is integrated – especially important for synchronous processing of high-precision and dynamic measurements.

Ideal applications for the smart ILA are test benches for testing raw materials and building materials, component testing and industrial quality and process control, both for new systems and retrofitting in existing systems.


+ Key Facts

  • Decentralized inline measuring amplifier
  • Interface: EtherCAT®
  • Measuring input: strain gauge full bridge 80 Ω – 5 k Ω
  • Measuring rate: 40 kS/s
  • Bandwidth: 2 kHz 
  • Accuracy class: 0.01
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Distributed clocks


  • Passive Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector available separately
  • Connection cable for GTM Force transducers incl. matching M12 connector plug available as accessories
  • Connector plug for sensor and RJ45 connection available as accessories

+ Advantages

  • Best-in-class DMS measuring amplifier with DAQ performance: unique price-performance ratio
  • Plug & process: fast and easy mounting, installation and integration in the overall system with standard industrial connector types
  • The ideal smart force measuring chain: The smart ILA is designed for use in combination with GTM force transducers and sensors – convenient and flexible from sensor to integration
  • Precise & dynamic: 40 kS/s measuring rate and 2 kHz bandwidth 
  • Absolutely robust: IP67 for all connections throughout the entire measuring chain
  • Cost efficient & flexible: ultracompact, ideal for decentralized use “near the sensor”, short sensor cables save money, improve the signal quality and reduce wiring errors
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE): reduces installation costs and increases flexibility in your overall application
  • Optimised for daisy chain wiring: The integrated switch in combination with PoE reduces investment costs, especially in the case of higher numbers of channels.

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