Series LT-Digitizer

Precision Measuring Amplifier Series LT-Digitizer
– Mobile, Compact and High-Performance Measurement Data Acquisition

Präzisions-Messverstärker Serie LT-Digitizer  - mobil, kompakt und leistungsfähig

Lightweight and Flexible Measuring Amplifiers for On-Site Measuring and Calibration Tasks with Precision Class 25 ppm

The very compact LT-Digitizer, with a precision class of 0.0025 or 25 ppm is ideal for high-precision and mobile data acquisition (DAQ) with strain gauge full bridge based force sensors and torque transducers. Despite the robust aluminium casing the full-featured precision measuring amplifier with six synchronous channels weighs hardly more than one kilogram. If more than six channels are needed for measuring, up to four measuring amplifiers of the LT-Digitizer series can be operated simultaneously on one computer.

The VN-Digitizer software included with the amplifier allows configuration of the hardware to the particular application and a custom interface design without the need for programming skills. This results in intuitive operation even in the case of complex measuring tasks.

The lightweight design makes the LT-Digitizer strain gauge measuring amplifier ideal for on-site calibration in combination with force or torque transfer standards and torque transfer wrenches. The four-channel version is used for example in combination with expansion cylinders for examining concrete testing machines. The high-performance software also makes the LT-Digitizer suitable for applications in multi-axis measuring technology. For multi-component measurements together with our multi-axis transducers of the MKA series, for example, the LT-Digitizer measuring amplifier software features a compensation matrix that facilitates correction of cross-talk between the single channels.


+ Key Facts

  • Precision measuring amplifier for mobile use
  • Accuracy class: 0.0025 or 25 ppm
  • Measuring input: DMS full bridge 150 – 5 kOhm
  • Number of measuring channels: up to 6
  • Synchronous signal processing
  • Configurable control software
  • USB 2.0 interface

+ Advantages

  • Ideal for mobile use: Compact and lightweight design enables on-site calibration.
  • High-precision measurements due to very high precision class 0.0025 or 25 ppm
  • Ideal for multi-component measurement: two, four or six synchronous channels
  • Low-interference and reliable six-conductor technology
  • Fast and flexible – no programming skills needed for software configuration, fast adaptation to test bench requirements
  • Delivered ready to connect: includes installation CD, power pack with
  •    connecting cable, USB cable, remote control and transport case

  • The ideal measuring chain – The LT-Digitizer series is designed for perfect compatibility with GTM force and moment transducers.
  • Easy installation and operation


  • Two-, four- or six-channel version
  • Interface description for customer measuring software
  • Design an application-specific control software
  • Delivered in transport case
  • DAkkS calibration available on request

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