Series MCMpro

Precision Measuring Amplifier series MCMpro
– The Tool for your Development Processes

Professional Strain Gauges Multi-Axis Measuring Technology for Test Benches with Precision Class of 25 ppm

In all applications that involve multi-axis tests the MCMpro precision measuring amplifier series accelerates development processes and simplifies use of measuring sensors. Modular hardware and software enables cost-effective adaptation and easy configuration of the MCMpro series measuring amplifiers to the requirements of the particular testing machine and alternating measuring tasks.

The mathematical solution of multi-component measuring tasks requires special software architecture, which our specialists custom develop for your application at a fixed price. For your personal application we need only your requirements for the input and output signals.

The design options for the user interface allow self-explanatory and intuitive operation in multi-component measurements, even for inexperienced users. Advanced users can readily modify the configuration to suit their own requirements. In addition to the sensor display, a retractable keyboard can be integrated in the 19-inch housing. The available expansion slots are equipped individually with DMS measuring amplifiers, as well as analog and digital interfaces.

Ideal areas of application for the MCMpro precision amplifier are for example the automotive and tire industry, wind energy and the railway sector.


+ Key Facts

  • Precision measuring amplifier for multi-axis transducers and systems
  • Accuracy class: 0.0025 or 25 ppm
  • Configurable control software
  • Configurable measurement processing
  • Interfaces: USB, PS/2, LAN

+ Advantages

  • Convenient and intuitive touchscreen operation, also for inexperienced users
  • High-precision measurements due to very high precision class 0.0025 or 25 ppm
  • Up to twelve expansion slots with two channels each: ideal also for extensive measurement series
  • Low-interference and reliable six-conductor technology
  • Fast and flexible – no programming skills needed for software configuration, fast adaptation to test bench requirements


  • Various digital and analog interfaces
  • Keyboard with touchpad
  • Design an application-specific control software
  • DAkkS calibration available on request

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