Torque Transducers

Explanations of force and torque measurement terms can be found in our Technical Lexicon

Gladly read is our information "Not all torques are the same".

Serie MSerie M

Precision torque measurement 

Torque measurement for all non-rotating applications with high precision requirements. In particular, the small nominal loads of the torque transducers of M series are characterised by an extremely high load capacity through introduced axial forces.

Serie MFSerie MF

Precision torque measurement

Torque transducers for a precise measurement of non-rotating applications in industrial testing areas. No upper limit is set for the nominal loads on the torque transdcuers of MF series. The design of the flange versions is adjusted accordingly.

Serie Dm-TNSerie Dm-TN

Calibration of standard machines

The torque transducers of Dm-TN series offers the highest levels of precision for comparing national institutes with one another or tracing accredited calibration laboratories. These torque transdcuers are first class at pure torques.

Serie Dm-TSSerie Dm-TS

Tracing of calibration stations

Torque transducers for applications, where a transverse force acts on a lever. The transfer wrenches on the Dm-TS series are used for tracing the machines used for calibrating indicator torque wrenches and triggering torque wrenches. The use of the transfer wrenches for tracing is necessary due to the introduced transverse forces.