Series Dm-TN

Dm-TN Series
– Best-In-Class Torque Transfer Measurement Standard
in Accordance with DIN 51309 and Better

Best-in-Class Drehmoment-Transfernormal Serie Dm-TN

Torque Transducers for Maximum Precision in Calibration and Traceability of Measuring Instruments from 1 N·m to 20 kN·m

The torque transducers of the Dm-TN series of GTM class VN even surpass class 0.05 according to DIN 51309 many times over, and therefore offer the highest precision for comparison of international institutes or for tracing accredited calibration labs. They are the first choice as reference torque transducers for measuring pure torque, which is generated by a force couple without a resulting transverse force, and are standard equipment in National Metrology Institutes (NMI) as well as high-ranking industrial calibration labs.

The reference torque transducers of the Dm-TN series are insensitive to interfering forces and torques, and feature a very broad, high-precision measuring range. High-quality, double-shielded cables perfectly suited for high-precision use are used as measuring leads.

Reference transducers of the Dm-TN series are designed for easy adaptation with standard mating dimensions.

Torque transfer measurement standards of the Dm-TN series are recommended for comparison of national metrological institutes or for tracing accredited industrial calibration labs.


+ Key Facts

  • For calibration of measuring instruments
  • Pure static torque measurement
  • GTM accuracy class VN: 40 - 100%
  • DIN 51309 accuracy class 0.05: 20 - 100%
  • Nominal torque range: 1 N m to 20 kN m

+ Advantages

  • Best-in-class torque transfer standard
  • Flexibly configurable sensor variants
  • Investment security due to long service life
  • Extremely reliable operation, also as a reference transducer
  • Time-proven technology in National Metrological Institutes (NMI) 
  • High-quality accessories conforming to standards


  • GTM accuracy classes: VN or DIN 51309: 0.05; 0.1; 0.2
  • Bending moment measuring circuits Mx, My
  • Temperature measurement with PT100 type temperature sensor
  • Fixed connector sockets or fixed cable on sensor up to 10 N m
  • High-quality double shielded cable with different connector types or free cable ends in various lengths available separately
  • High-quality transport cases or transport boxes available separately

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