Temas actuales de la fuerza, medida del torque y de multicomponente

  • DAkkS accreditation for large forces

    10 MN K-BNME (FSM)

    The use of modern materials and designs allows larger and larger loads. In many areas of modern mechanical engineering, aerospace, construction and testing and safety engineering, forces of up to 10...

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  • Series UB in improved design

    Serie UB im Bereich Flugzeugkomponenten-Test

    Due to its compact design, our series UB force transducer is ideally suited to use in restricted spaces. The simple assembly makes installation easy, thus saving time.

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  • Torque transducer patented

    Schematic diagram of the dynamic rheometer

    When torques are measured in industrial fashion, a frequently reoccurring problem is that a powerful force is superimposed on the comparatively low torque to be measured.

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  • 5 V/225 Hz precise and portable

    Portable Carrier Frequency amplifier Series CFA225-P

    Many transducers for physical parameters have strain gauges with a Wheatstone bridge circuit. The 5V/225Hz carrier frequency measuring amplifier CFA225-P from GTM enables high-precision and traceable...

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  • 3D-CAD files for force and torque

    3D-CAD-files for force-, torque- and multicomponent transducers

    To simplify the computer-aided design of test benches with integrated force or torque measurement, GTM of-fers three-dimensional CAD drawings. The 3D-CAD files are available on the website for free...

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