Многокомпонентные датчики

GTM - это идеальный выбор, когда речь идет о надежной и инновационной многокомпонентной технике. Наша калибровочная лаборатория - первая в мире калибровочная лаборатория, получившая аккредитацию по калибровке многокомпонентных датчиков.

Мы активно участвуем в исследованиях и разработках новых систем и публикуем научные статьи. Обзор различных конструктивных принципов многокомпонентных датчиков содержится в публикации IMEKO 2010. Инновационная калибровочная система описана в публикации IMEKO 2012, типовые калибровочные сертификаты приведены на странице Калибровка.

Понятия из сферы измерения силы и крутящего момента объясняются в нашем техническом словаре (en).

Serie LVSSerie LVS

Standardised industrial multicomponent measurement (Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz)

The LVS series multicomponent transducers offer a dynamic on all channels. In many industrial applications, their fixed basic loads allow easy selection of the correct size. Both the version with three force components and the 6-component transducer are available at short notice. The areas of application include component testing in the automobile, aerospace or general machinery sectors, for example.

Serie MKASerie MKA

Application-optimised industrial multicomponent measurement (Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz)

Since 1996, the multicomponent transducers in series MKA have been proving themselves in hundreds of industrial test jobs. The design and manufacture of the transducers is always optimised for the special requirements of the application – with a dynamic fatigue limit and a freely selectable number of measuring channels. The series MKA is therefore extraordinarily suited for test jobs that cannot be handled by the standardised design of the LVS series.

Serie DKA-ZESerie DKA-ZE

Industrial 3-axis force measurement (Fx, Fy, Fz)
with force ratio of 10:1

The 3-axis load cells of DKA series are ideal for all applications in which small lateral forces can be expected compared to the axial force. The extremely flat form enables operation even in the most confined installation conditions. Simple positioning and assembly is guaranteed by the right-angled construction; within a few minutes, the transducers are positioned and assembled.

Serie MPFSerie MPF

Precision multi-component measurement (Fx, Fy, Mx, My, Mz)

Measuring platforms are decoupled multicomponent transducers. Thanks to their high insensitivity against interference, the multicomponent transdcuers of MPF series can be used to solve extreme applications. Extreme conditions are found in wind tunnel applications and rolling resistance test benches, for example. Thanks to the decoupled structure, MPF measuring platforms are also ideal for use as a reference unit in multicomponent standard machines. The multicomponent strain-gauge amplifier of MCMpro series can be used for signal calculation and processing.

Serie XYSerie XY

Tire uniformity testing machines (Fx, Fy)

The 2-axis force transducers of XY series correspond to the global tire and automotive industry standards for measuring uniformity of car tires. The special multicomponent transducers are not only suitable for the construction of new testing machines, but also for modernization of existing tire uniformity machines of different manufacturers

Tension-torsion combinationTension-torsion combination

Tension-torsion testing machines (Fz, Mz)

The combination of the K series force transducers and M series torque transducers results in multicomponent transducers, which offers the perfect setting for the use as reference transducers in tension-torsion testing machines

Serie RLSSerie RLS

Axle and vehicle test benches (Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz)

RLS wheel load sensors are semi-decoupled multicomponent transducers. They are used to record the loads applied to a vehicle axle or body during operation on the test bench. It replaces the measuring wheel used during road travel and offers important attributes for test bench operation, such as fatigue strength, high rigidity, high precision and small dimensions. The MCMpro multi-component electronic system is used for calculating and processing the measured values.

Serie RWMKSerie RWMK

Screw testing (Fax, Mges, Mteil)

RWMK friction coefficient measuring heads offer as multicomponent transducers the possibility of simultaneously recording the torque, axial clamping force on the screw connections and the frictional torque on the screw head or thread. In doing so, a high degree of measuring certainty is achieved as the three signals are optimally decoupled from each other thanks to the design of the multicomponent transducer. Together with the large nominal sensitivities on all three channels, extremely fail-safe signals are achieved.