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GTM gets employees on their JobRad with a new company bike leasing programme!

No matter when, no matter where - whether for private use or for work, on holiday or for sport. In cooperation with the JobRad portal, GTM now offers all its employees the simple and flexible option of leasing a company bike (up to 2 bikes). With the new JobRad programme, GTM wants to specifically promote the health of its employees.

"As another positive side effect, together as a GTM team we are making a positive contribution to climate protection and also actively helping to reduce traffic congestion," says Michael Kadziela. "As a modern and attractive employer, we know very well that these and other similar additional benefits contribute to health promotion and employee retention - whether for young or old."   

The JobRad benefits for the GTM team at a glance.

  • Savings of up to 40% can be made compared to a conventional purchase.
  • The monthly instalments are directly and easily deducted from the gross salary.
  • The tax incentive (0.25% rule) results in a considerable saving compared to direct purchase.
  • Full service package with comprehensive insurance + mobility guarantee
  • Any bike you want, any brand, whether at the bike shop, on site or online.
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