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New configurator now also for series DR force transducers

In force measurement technology, dynamic processes place high demands on the force transducers and sensors used. The outstanding feature of the DR series force sensors are two integrated MEMS acceleration sensors, each with different sensitivity characteristics. This allows the resulting inertial forces of the force measurement setup or the test rig setup to be determined easily and effectively during dynamic measurements. This innovative and also patented solution from GTM makes the installation of further external accelerometers unnecessary - a great advantage for the customer.

Typical applications of GTM's DR series force transducers are materials and component testing in the dynamic testing technology of high-tech industries such as automotive, aerospace and energy. With their robust and virtually deformation-free design, they are ideally suited for these extremely demanding measurement procedures. The models of the DR series are available for a nominal force range from 1.25 kN to 2.5 MN, the accuracy class is 0.03 - 0.06. The sensors are designed for a continuous fatigue strength of over 1 million load cycles. Versions with central thread or flange are available for mounting.

Easy-to-Order: Configure force transducers in just one minute
You can now configure and order your force transducer from the DR series in no time at all. The new configurator is available on our website for this purpose. The easy-to-use step-by-step process saves you a lot of time and effort in finding the right force transducer: no need to leaf through catalogs, call sales staff or read data sheets. Registration is just as unnecessary as searching through extensive equipment options. Of course, our employees are still available personally to answer any questions you may have. With the configurator, we are supplementing our consulting services with a fast, individual ordering option.

Reach your goal in five steps, 24/7 and on all devices
The optimal user guidance takes the user to the individual DR series in just five steps on all devices, regardless of whether desktop or mobile. Selected preferred variants with shorter delivery times are also suggested in the configurator.

Furthermore, helpful tool tips, a clear status display and descriptive images make the process intuitive and easy.

Try out our configurator right now and put together your individual DR series force transducer!

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