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Team "Precision Wins" at the Merck Run 2022

Already for the ninth time Merck organized its Darmstadt company run. For the second time, the colleagues from GTM took part. Unlike the previous years, this time there were three distances to choose from: 3.33 km, 6.66 km and 9.99 km.

Despite the hot temperatures, all runners went to the start and successfully completed their distances. They got support from Mr. Richter, who was there as a personal photographer and cheerleader 😉

After the run there was an after-run party. With cool drinks and something tasty from the grill, the batteries were recharged, and it was exchanged about the experiences on the track. Shortly before the thunderstorm, everyone headed back home.

We are already looking forward to next year's participation and who knows which running event we will complete until then.

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