Series DKA-ZE

Multi-Axis Transducer Series DKA-ZE
– Compact and Designed for Fast Mounting

Mehrkomponentenaufnehmer Serie DKA-ZE - Drei Komponenten: Fz, Fx, Fy

Three-Axis Force Transducers for Industrial Force Measurement with 10:1 Force Ratio

The 3-axis force transducers of the DKA series are ideal for all applications in which relatively low lateral forces opposing the axial force are to be expected. The force ratio FZ/FX,Y equals 10:1. The extremely low-profile design of the multi-axis sensors of the DKA-ZE series allow fast and convenient mounting even in applications with limited installation space. The rectangular construction of the DKA-ZE series multi-component transducers guarantees easy alignment. The three axis-force transducers (Fx, Fy, Fz) can be reliably aligned and mounted within minutes for precise measurement of all three forces occurring in a Cartesian coordinate system.


Preferred areas of use for the DKA-ZE series multi-axis sensors are all applications with very limited installation space, in which low lateral forces are expected, for example alignment processes in single axis test setups, walking analysis platforms, control of handling equipment or multi-axis force measurement in robots.


+ Key Facts

  • Three components: Fz, Fx, Fy
  • Force ratio FZ/FX,Y= 10:1
  • Nominal force range: 0.5 kN to 10 kN
  • Accuracy class: 0.2 - 0.3
  • Very compact design

+ Advantages

  • Extremely low-profile and lightweight design
  • Rectangular construction for easy mounting
  • Efficient combination options to create a distributed system on request

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