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Website relaunch and revised corporate design: GTM in a new look & feel.

Website-Relaunch und überarbeitetes Corporate Design: GTM im neuen Look & Feel.

The company, founded in 1988, now also shows its striving for precision and innovation in its new corporate design. To this end, the website first shines in a fresh, modern look. "The relaunch includes a complete overhaul of the website: Quickfinder for product search, 360-degree views of the metrology devices and easy navigation together create a well thought-out user experience that consistently focuses on the user and their needs," says Marcel Richter, Director Product Management & Marketing.

The new website is much more than just a company presentation - GTM rather presents itself as a knowledge broker around the measurement of forces and moments. Detailed product and service information lets readers delve deep into the subject matter and provides a broad overview of the entire GTM portfolio. With the relaunch of the corporate design, which also includes a revision of the logo, GTM shows its unconditional willingness to move forward: The digital, smart future is just around the corner - and with it, smart solutions to metrology challenges. Metrology remains firmly anchored in the company's DNA and is the basis of the visual relaunch.

GTM's LinkedIn presence, which regularly provides interested parties with news from the company, also has a new look. "It was important to us to take a functional, emotional and strategic look at our company and to give ourselves a new face that successfully reconciles the past, present and future," says Michael Kadziela, commercial director of GTM.

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