High-Precision, flexibly configurable or "Engineered-To Order" Transducers and Mechanical Systems for Forces and Torques, High-Precision strain-gauge Amplifiers, as well as Turnkey Standard Machines

High Precision Measuring Amplifier Series CFA225-T

  • Strain gauge precision measuring amplifier for static applications
  • Accuracy class: 0.001 or 10 ppm
  • Number of measuring channels: 2 x strain gauge full bridge 180 Ω – 2 kΩ
  • Bridge supply voltage: 5 V/225Hz CF
  • Interfaces: serial RS232, USB

High Precision Measuring Amplifier Series CFA225-P

  • Carrier frequency measuring amplifier for mobile & stationary operation
  • Accuracy class: 0.0025 % or 25 ppm
  • Measuring input: DMS full bridge 180 Ω – 5 kΩ 
  • Bridge supply voltage: 5 V, CF 225Hz
  • Interface: serial RS232

Standard Machines

Key Facts Measured quantity: Multicomponent force and moment, tension and compression forces, right and left moments Operating principle: Reference transducer in resolved systems, with highly decoupled, elastic force transmission Fully automated measurement process Simultaneous loading of several components Large installation space for…

Connecting Cables

The right cable for your GTM sensor, double shielded interference-free connecting cables


Mechanical Accessory Components

Highest quality for your GTM force transducers and load cells. Measuring with high-quality mechanical adapters, also in accordance with ISO376