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Highlights 2022

There are a few highlights we have set with our products and services this year. One is definitely our new configurator which we launched early summer for our premium class force sensor series K. It’s your first-choice force sensor when it comes to accuracy, reliability, and quality – engineered and fully manufactured in Germany. Just in time before the start of the Christmas holidays, we also launched the second configurator for our series RF. With a nominal force range from 25 kN up to 10 MN, our series RF is our force sensor with the largest force spectrum.

Another groundbreaking highlight is our new standard machine 500 kN MK-BNME which redefines the metrological boundaries once again. When it comes to the calibration of multi-component sensors this calibration machine is your number one choice. It is accredited and fully automated which significantly reduces turnaround times and results in a reduced overall processing time for multi-axis calibration. Its measurement uncertainty is reduced by the factor 5 to 0.1 %. Finally, all axes can be measured simultaneously, and gravity can be simulated in any direction. With this innovation we have underlined that we set standards in metrology once again.

We continued our expansionary trend with multiple new colleagues in various departments. We are even stronger now in the following areas: product management, development, marketing, sales and controlling. And we’ve implemented a completely new department with our customer success manager. He is already looking forward to bringing your products as well as your satisfaction to a completely new level.

We thank you for all your trust and support throughout the year and are happy to cooperate with you again in 2023.

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